Bucharest, 27 January 2017:  Numerous entrepreneurs, Chief Operating Officers, Financial Managers and tax specialists within large companies in Romania have found out from Mușat & Asociații – Tax Advisory experts which are the most controversial subjects in the tax field at the beginning of the year. During the conference organised in Bucharest, on the subject “2017 – Tax Challenges and Trends”, they have analysed together topics such as: reform of tax status-quo, proposals of the business environment in the tax field, new trends in approaching tax inspections – in the context of the main changes recently brought to the specific laws, in terms of the extended practice in complex mandates of Mușat & Asociații experts.

In the context of the most recent changes proposed by the Government and the changes brought to the Fiscal Code and the Fiscal Procedure Code, we deemed important for the business environment to discuss together with our guests and to explain, for example, what does the simplification of administrative tasks in terms of VAT, the tax harmonization and cooperation at European level involve, both in the field of direct taxes, as well as with regard to VAT, and to predict which are the tax challenges and trends we foresee this year. At the same time, given the multiple cases in which we offer tax advice to our clients, we discussed matters arising from our practice, so that the managers know and avoid certain unpleasant situations that can arise in relation to the tax authorities”, said Răzvan Graure, Tax Partner with Mușat & Asociații.

The possibility of resuming the expenses and VAT deduction in the event of cancellation of the VAT number, the “stock option” programs and other facilities to develop the loyalty of human resources, the advantages they benefit from, and also the possible risks to which companies are exposed in terms of tax optimization, the courts’ approach in the field of tax fraud have supplemented the subject discussed during the conference.

Mușat & Asociații – Tax Advisory is a tax consultancy company affiliated to Mușat & Asociații law firm, which brings together certified tax advisors and tax lawyers. Benefiting from comprehensive knowledge in this practice area, Mușat & Asociații – Tax Advisory provides detailed advice with regard to tax matters and difficulties in the application and interpretation thereof, generated by numerous changes in the laws in the field.

Our expertize covers the entire scope of the tax law both at national and international level, from direct and indirect taxation, transfer pricing and VAT, and up to expert advice in mergers and acquisitions, complex cross-border transactions, as well as the identification of reliable financial alternatives for investments in Romania.

The team of advisors has an extensive practice in broad key-industries, such as: financial-banking, insurance, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, real estate & constructions, communications, media & technology, retail, industry.

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