Bucharest, May 27th, 2015, Mușat & Asociații, Attorneys-at-Law celebrated 25 years of activity, as well as the launch of the legal guide “Doing Business in Romania 2015”.

For over 25 years, Mușat & Asociații has been dedicated to a clientele impressive both by number and by reputation: banks and financial institutions, investment funds, multinational companies, public and private local companies, government institutions, regulatory agencies. With more than 100 lawyers, specialized in all areas of law, including litigation and arbitration, Mușat & Asociații has advised on many of the major projects and transactions successfully completed in Romania, being retained either by Government or by various private clients, especially foreign investors and multinational corporations. The firm has also represented the Romanian State and leading local companies in many international arbitrations, including before ICSID in Washington.

At the reception on this occasion, Mr. Gheorghe Mușat, Senior Partner, made the following statement:

“My fellow partners and I, together with all our legal staff, would like to thank our guests for sharing with us the joy of celebrating Mușat & Asociații’s 25th anniversary on the legal market. These 25 years have been challenging for all of us and full of success, although they were not easy years. They have been challenging because, in 1990, we started with a few law school graduates and, today, Mușat & Asociații has 19 partners and over 100 lawyers, all of them trained at the “Mușat & Asociații School of Law”. These years have been full of success because many of the major projects and transactions performed in Romania were concluded with our legal advice and assistance. We pride ourselves on the fact that such transactions have been highly rated by business magazines and are regarded as landmarks in the Romanian business community, while our law firm has been praised by all international legal guides as a leading firm, many of our lawyers being nominated among the elite of business law in Romania. We owe this success first and foremost to our clients, be they Romanian or foreign. Without the trust, loyalty and support of its clients, no law firm can survive. All of us, at Mușat & Asociații, are grateful to our clients for their trust and confidence and for the excellent collaboration we have had to date.

Nonetheless, during these years, we have come across difficulties, mostly because in an emerging country like Romania, lawyers, too, have encountered difficulties inherent to the transition from communism to democracy and a free market economy. Then, on a legal market, where over 30 foreign law firms operate, the competition is extremely dynamic and success does not last forever. Despite increasing competition, Mușat & Asociații has succeeded in maintaining its lead position, being acknowledged as one of the main pillars of the business law practice in Romania. We wish to consolidate this position and to continue to be a support for local companies, whether private or state-owned, for the Government, whether of left or right orientation, for public institutions, as well as for foreign investors. In doing this, we will always give priority to excellence and quality, as well as to the ethical standards which are essential to the sustainability of a law firm. And, certainly, we will remain committed to mentoring and the development of young lawyers, as we have always been”.

On this occasion, the “Doing Business in Romania 2015” guide was launched. Available in English, “Doing Business in Romania” includes a comprehensive analysis of the Romanian legal framework in various fields and areas of interest. A team of more than 20 lawyers from Mușat & Asociații contributed to the new edition of “Doing Business in Romania”.

The reception was attended by a great number of clients, as well as representatives of public and private companies, politicians, representatives of government institutions, journalists.

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