Bucharest, 2nd of August 2016: Over the past years, Mușat & Asociații stood by Mr. Andrei Ursu in his steps, supporting, along with his team of lawyers, the efforts of the Official Prosecutor’s Office to shed light on the circumstances of the death of his father.
“The legal arguments and the evidence made available to the military prosecutors substantially contributed to the successful completion of the criminal investigations in this file. The honest and unceasing support provided by the entire team involved in this project, a case file with an impact on the whole Romanian society, highlights the manner in which Mușat & Asociații chose to become an active part of the steps taken by Andrei Ursu, in order to do justice in the case of his father”, stated Octavian Popescu, Partner Mușat & Asociații.
George Homoșteanu, former Minister of Internal Affairs, and Tudor Postelnicu, former Chief of the State Security Department, were indicted on Monday, 1 August, by the military prosecutors for complicity to the perpetration of offences against humanity, in the file of the dissident Gheorghe Ursu. The former security officers Marin Pîrvulescu and Vasile Hodiș, those who tortured Gheorghe Ursu, were also indicted, being accused of offences against humanity.
Gheorghe Ursu, engineer and writer, was arrested on 21 September 1985, following the denunciation of a co-worker, who took possession of his diary, which was subsequently confiscated by the Security. He died in custody of the Bucharest Militia on 17 November 1985, being systematically beaten by investigators and fellow inmates, engaged by the investigation bodies.

MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII is one of the first law firms established in Romania after 1 January 1990. With 16 partners and over 100 attorneys and advisors, MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII provides consulting services in all business law areas, including Mergers & Acquisitions, Privatization, Banking, Energy & Natural Resources, Competition, Corporate, Telecommunications & IT, Labor, Tax, Capital Markets, Real Estate, Environmental Law, Litigation & Commercial Arbitration.
Recognized as one of the pillars of Romania’s business law practice, MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII is constantly recommended by international specialized publications (Chambers & Partners, International Financial Law Review, Legal 500 etc.) as a leading law firm in Romania. Besides, many of its attorneys have been nominated by such publications among the elite of business law in Romania.
In 2015, MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII won the “Law Firm of the Year in Romania” award, a distinction handed out annually by the reputed British publisher “The Lawyer” to European law firms with outstanding achievements in the reference year.
In 2013, MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII won the “The Law Firm of the Year in Romania” award granted by the International Financial Law Review. That was the second time that Muşat & Asociaţii was granted this prestigious award, after the distinction received in 2011, when Romania was included for the first time on the list of countries nominated for the International Financial Law Review (IFLR) awards.
Moreover, in 2012 MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII won the Gold Award for the “Best Law Firm in Central and Eastern Europe”, an accolade awarded by the 2012 International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards, for excellent results obtained on the Romanian market by the MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII team, both with regard to the mandates portfolio in the Mergers & Acquisitions area of practice, and to the management strategy adopted.
Furthermore, the renowned publication Chambers Europe awarded the “Romanian Law Firm of the Year” trophy to MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII, the law firm with the best performance in Romania, during the “Chambers Europe Awards for Excellence 2011” gala.
On a regular basis, MUSAT & ASOCIATII provides the most renowned and valued corporations in Romania – including a third of the Top 100 and a half of the Top 500 largest companies – as well as local public and financial institutions with legal advice on intricate corporate and financial transactions and complex dispute resolution procedures. The Law Firm’s portfolio includes over 2,500 clients, most of which are foreign investors.

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