Musat & Asociatii sustained the Foundation for the Relief of Disabled Orphans (F.R.O.D.O.) in organizing the “Treatment & Training Mission” that took place in Alba Iulia between the 14th and 22nd of March 2008. F.R.O.D.O. focuses on helping physically and mentally disabled children in developing countries, particularly those currently living in institutional environments.

Through this mission, UK or US medical teams came to work with Romanian surgeons, doctors and nurses, to provide medical treatment to orphaned and abandoned children with chronic operable conditions who have been identified by Child Protection Services.

For the “Treatment & Training Mission” over 70 children with orthopedic problems were screened and given treatment advice and a plan for their future treatment. During the mission nine children were operated on, all operations being very successful and the children’s recovery going really well. Apart from the children who underwent surgery, nine more were fitted for orthotic braces and shoes that will make a huge difference to their ability to walk. Without such treatments, the children would probably end up in wheelchairs; restricting the options they have available to fulfill their potential.

­Musat & Asociatii has a history of involvement in projects that, through their nature and purpose, bring a contribution to the development of the community. In the past years the Firm contributed to the implementation of projects developed by: the Special School for blind children in Bucharest; the Deporte & Desafio Foundation, the “Sica Alexandrescu” theatre in Brasov; as well several activities organized by various Student Law Associations and the Bucharest University – Faculty of Law for the extracurricular development of the future generations of lawyers. The support offered to these organizations stands for Musat & Associatii’s desire to enable progress and growth for institutions that, through their work, aim to bring a positive impact in today’s society.

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