Bucharest, 10 October 2014 –  The attorneys of Muşat & Asociaţii achieved a new victory in court for Mircea Diaconu in his fight against the National Integrity Agency (ANI). The magistrates of the Bucharest Court of Appeal dismissed as ungrounded the action initiated by ANI requesting the court to quash the decision whereby Mircea Diaconu’s tenure as Member of the European Parliament has been validated. Thus, Mircea Diaconu remains a Member of the EU Parliament, as elected through the vote of 25 May 2014.

“The Court’s decision validates a public and democratic vote earned by Mircea Diaconu in the EU Parliament elections, with ANI’s accusations alleging that the office as Member of the European Parliament has been held illegally being dismissed as ungrounded by the court of law. This is another trial we have won for Mircea Diaconu, from the series of trials initiated against him by ANI. In the first stage, ANI challenged Mr. Diaconu’s right to run for the European Parliament, the action being successively dismissed by rulings issued by the Bucharest Tribunal and the Bucharest Court of Appeal. Nevertheless, ANI’s abuse committed against the Member of the European Parliament Mircea Diaconu did not stop, as the Agency upholds a new litigation action seeking to cancel the decision which validates his office in the European Parliament. This is a considerable victory gained by Mircea Diaconu against the National Integrity Agency being, at the same time, a success for our attorneys involved in this one-of-a-kind and especially intricate file”, said Gheorghe Musat, Senior Partner Muşat & Asociaţii.

In his fight against ANI, materialized in a sequence of cases which succeeded one another before the courts of law, Mircea Diaconu has been represented by the team of Muşat & Asociaţii coordinated by Dr. Gheorghe Buta (Deputy Managing Partner) and Mădălina Berechet (Partner), assisted by Angela Mare (Managing Associate).

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