Bucharest, 22 March 2017: Mușat & Asociații announces the continuation of the program “Mentor”, by means of which it invites all future lawyers to participate in paid internships within the firm. Developed together with the Faculty of Law within Bucharest University, through Law Students Association, the educational program offers its student the possibility to integrate themselves in teams of lawyers with experience in complex mandates, in an organizational culture which encourages the development of natural talent and the achievement of the maximum performance.

We believe that is a natural gesture to support the young people interested in a career in law to discover the beauty of this profession in a rigorous but diversified environment. Being intended for the best students at Law in the 3rd and 4th years of study, the program proposes itself to open the path to a career within our firm to the future talented lawyers, those who are passionate about the profession and have strong knowledge”, said Paul Buta, Partner with Muşat & Asociaţii.

“Muşat & Asociaţii Mentor” is a program which proposes itself to answer to the educational needs of the profession of lawyer, to offer the students a high quality professional beginning, so that they be motivated to follow their inclination after they have understood how one of the largest firms of lawyers in Romania works.

By this action, Mușat & Asociații offers the best students 10 paid internship, for a period of one month. The project was disclosed both within the Faculty of Law, in the presence of more than 100 students, and during the students’ visit organised at the head office of the firm.

There were informal meetings during which we had discussions with students about our complex mandates in the last year and we told them how important passion was for the profession they chose. The legal profession also relies on the principle according to which a successful career is determined by passion and talent, but also by hard work, perseverance and patience. In our opinion, these meetings are extremely useful, as future lawyers can make a clearer opinion with regard to the level of education and the personal abilities necessary for a business lawyer”, stated Paul Buta, Partner with Muşat & Asociaţii.

Irrespective of the area of practice where students shall carry out their internship as members of the Muşat & Asociaţii teams (Litigations, Arbitration, Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Intellectual Property, Competition Law, Tax Advisory), they shall be involved in interesting law issues and shall have to solve subjects that will challenge their legal thinking and capability.

Students may apply for the Mușat & Asociații Mentor program through the Law Students Association, the interested persons being invited to send their application documents (CV, cover letter, letter of recommendation and a proof of the grades received during university years) to the e-mail address successusperlabor@asd-ub.ro, or directly, to the e-mail address cariere@musat.ro.

Muşat & Asociaţii is the Romanian law firm recognised over the years as trainer of hundreds of lawyers, many of them locally and internationally renowned for their expertise and professionalism. Excellence and professionalism are values due to which Muşat & Asociații has become one of the most respected law firms in Romania.

MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII is one of the first law firms established in Romania after 1 January 1990. With 20 partners and over 100 attorneys and advisors, MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII provides consulting services in all business law areas, including Mergers & Acquisitions, Privatization, Banking, Energy & Natural Resources, Competition, Corporate, Telecommunications & IT, Labour, Tax, Capital Markets, Real Estate, Environmental Law, Litigation & Commercial Arbitration, Criminal Law.

Recognized as one of the pillars of Romania’s business law practice, MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII is constantly recommended by international specialized publications (Chambers & Partners, International Financial Law Review, Legal 500 etc.) as a leading law firm in Romania. Besides, many of its attorneys have been nominated by such publications among the elite of business law in Romania.

In 2015, MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII won the “Law Firm of the Year in Romania” award, a distinction handed out annually by the reputed British publisher “The Lawyer” to European law firms with outstanding achievements in the reference year.

In 2013, MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII won the “The Law Firm of the Year in Romania” award granted by the International Financial Law Review. That was the second time that Muşat & Asociaţii was granted this prestigious award, after the distinction received in 2011, when Romania was included for the first time on the list of countries nominated for the International Financial Law Review (IFLR) awards.

Moreover, in 2012 MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII won the Gold Award for the “Best Law Firm in Central and Eastern Europe”, an accolade awarded by the 2012 International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards, for excellent results obtained on the Romanian market by the MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII team, both with regard to the mandates portfolio in the Mergers & Acquisitions area of practice, and to the management strategy adopted.

Furthermore, the renowned publication Chambers Europe awarded the “Romanian Law Firm of the Year” trophy to MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII, the law firm with the best performance in Romania, during the “Chambers Europe Awards for Excellence 2011” gala.

On a regular basis, MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII provides the most renowned and valued corporations in Romania, as well as local public and financial institutions with legal advice on intricate corporate and financial transactions and complex dispute resolution procedures. The law firm’s portfolio includes over 3,000 clients, most of which are foreign investors and multinational corporations.

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