Bucharest, 1st of February 2016 – MUŞAT & ASOCIAŢII has appointed two new partners to the leading structure of the Law Firm. Angela Mare and Paul Buta have a wealth of experience in the legal profession and are recognized leaders in their practice areas. Thus, the Muşat & Asociaţii team now has 21 partners and over 100 associates, tax consultants and restructuring and insolvency practitioners.

Angela Mare is a long-standing member of the Muşat & Asociaţii legal team and has 16 years’ experience in the relevant field. Her area of expertise covers civil and commercial disputes, administrative litigation as well as capital market- and public procurement-related disputes. Throughout her career as a litigator, Angela Mare represented many diverse national and international companies before the Romanian courts of law, in highly complex cases with significant financial implications. She is unanimously praised by the Law Firm clients for her prompt and effective manner of solving such cases.

Paul Buta has a Ph D in Law Degree and is an assistant professor with the “”Nicolae Titulescu” Law School. He has over ten years’ experience in the legal field, specializing in civil and commercial disputes, but also in competition law and intellectual property. He acted on very important cases and legally assisted a significant portfolio of international clients (mainly foreign investors and multinationals), on competition and intellectual property matters and on regulatory issues in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. Moreover, Paul Buta is highly appreciated for his expertise in tax disputes and international arbitration, and in particular for his capacity to analyze and provide innovative solutions for the successful management of litigation case files.

Additionally, three of Mușat & Asociații’s long-serving lawyers specializing in various practice areas have been promoted to the Managing Associate status, namely Stefan Dudaş (Litigation & Commercial Arbitration), Bogdan Lamatic (Criminal Law/ White-Collar Crime) and Dana Căciulă – Stan (Civil & Commercial Disputes). Another eight lawyers have been promoted to Senior Associates, namely Adrian Chirvase (Criminal Business Law), Pompilia Doană (Civil & Commercial Disputes), Adina Pulbere (Criminal Law), Valeriu Solcanu (Litigation), Ana Maria Teoc (Litigation), Vincențiu Constantin (Litigation), Ramona Cîrlig (Arbitration) and Dana Buscu (Insolvency, Litigation).

Fifteen lawyers have joined the Law Firm over the past weeks. Three of them are qualified lawyers (Liviu Togan – Managing Associate, Cătălin Roman – Senior Associate and Diana Dobromir – Associate). The remaining twelve are young trainee lawyers (Cosmin Şovar, Adrian Rusu, Răzvan Furdui, Sorin Sfetcu, Daniel Ghimpu, Bogdan Herghelegiu, Eduard Iosif, Laurențiu Radu, Doru Schipor, Octavian Marcu, Tania Hotca and Andrei Boacă), and we thank them for trusting that they can build themselves a successful legal career with Mușat & Asociații.

Furthermore, the management understood the aspiration of three of the Law Firm associates – Miruna Suciu, Luminița Popa and Madălina Berechet, respectively – who decided to leave the Law Firm in order to start their own law office, together with one of the Law Firm’s collaborators (Cleopatra Leahu).

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