Clients Perspectives 
"Highly respected team with excellent knowledge of the field, they offer good solutions and they are able to understand the most complex legal cases. They firm provide exceptional quality of work with a great team of lawyers displaying depth of knowledge." (Legal 500 2020)

"A very responsive and solution-oriented team that applies both western standards and local knowledge." (Legal 500 2020)

Clients appreciate Musat & Asociatii for its 'strong, dynamic, professional and loyal' team. (Legal 500 2020)

Musat & Asociatii fields a team of 'dedicated, efficient, professional' partners. (Legal 500 2020)

Interviewees report that the members of the team are "are reliable, never let you down and always find the right solution" (Legal 500 2020)

Interviewees report that the members of the team are "experienced, responsible and detail-oriented." (Chambers Europe 2020)

One source values the "very smooth and efficient" co-operation with the team, adding that all team members are "responsive and hard-working." (Chambers Europe 2020)

"The lawyers always come up with good solutions." (Chambers Europe 2020)

Clients appreciate the firm's comprehensive support, with one highlighting that the lawyers "consistently work extremely well." (Chambers Europe 2020)

"The lawyers have a good legal understanding and communicate in a proactive and timely manner." (Chambers Europe 2020)

"Attention to detail is phenomenal. There are no weaknesses." (IFLR 1000, 2020)

Muşat & Asociaţii's ‘engaged and thoughtful’ team ‘understands’ and ‘accommodates’ the client’s needs ‘whenever possible’. (Legal 500 2019)

At Muşat & Asociaţii, ‘the service is good and professional’. (Legal 500 2019)

Muşat & Asociaţii has a ‘strong local presence in Romania’ coupled with ‘an impressive ability to coordinate a cross-border deal’. (Legal 500 2019)

Muşat & Asociaţii's ‘response times and technical abilities’ are ‘exceptional’. (Legal 500 2019)

Muşat & Asociaţii's team is ‘characterised by professionalism and a pro-active attitude’, providing ‘great support from the legal point of view’. (Legal 500 2019)

Sources highlight the team's "clear and concrete legal advice, immediate responses to requests and follow-up of the whole procedure" as core strengths. (Chambers Europe, 2018)

An impressed interviewee remarks: "The quality of the service is at the highest level." (Chambers Europe, 2018)

"The team is highly available and able to resolve issues on short notice. Their opinion is well respected by all parties at the table and this gives an edge in any negotiation or issue." (Chambers Europe, 2018)

Muşat & Asociaţii stands out for its ‘high level of expertise and efficiency’ in deals and its experience in the retail, natural resources and entertainment sectors. Gheorghe Muşat ‘has a wealth of market knowledge and expertise in complex transactions’. (Legal 500, 2017)

Muşat & Asociaţii’s Mihai Popa and Managing Associate Iuliana Popa are ‘responsive, with up-to-date industry knowledge’. (Legal 500, 2017)

Muşat & Asociaţii’s team is ‘responsive, available and keen to provide assistance’. Monia Dobrescu, has ‘a practical and pragmatic approach’. (Legal 500, 2017)

Muşat & Asociaţii ‘provides innovative solutions and applies good skills’ and has particular strengths in employee benefits and tax disputes. Răzvan Graure was particularly helpful. (Legal 500, 2017)

Muşat & Asociaţii’s ‘professional and proactive’ team is ‘empathetic of clients and understands their industries’. (Legal 500, 2017)

“Very high quality, clear advice, extremely responsive and very knowledgeable about local practice.” International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2017

“Very good services, responsive, business oriented.” - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2017

A debt capital markets and finance client says: “They did tremendous job and were always accessible.” - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2017

A finance client says: “Excellent! Quick response, very knowledgeable.” - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2017

“A very responsive and sensible approach getting things done quickly at any time of the day.” (Chambers Europe, 2016)

“The team is very well prepared and pays attention to all legal aspects of a project. The lawyers react very fast and they are extremely accurate every time.” (Chambers Europe, 2016)

“The team reacts very quickly and is extremely accurate every time, focusing all of its efforts on obtaining positive results.” (Chambers Europe, 2016)

“These lawyers are innovative, creative and dedicated to finding the best solutions, no matter the complexity of the problem.” (Chambers Europe, 2016)

“The lawyers quickly answer our requests and inform us about things we should be aware of. I think they basically covers all the bases.” (Chambers Europe, 2016)

“The team provides solid legal advice in an innovative manner, combining the right proportions of legal knowledge with commercial sense and new ideas.” (Chambers Europe, 2016)

“Very happy with these lawyers – they have strong knowledge of environmental requirements and compliance issues, and give very practical and prompt advice.” (Chambers Europe, 2016)

“The lawyers here react extremely fast and deliver very good information.” (Chambers Europe, 2016)

“We appreciate the dedication and commitment of the team, which is very experienced and has an excellent knowledge of the Romanian business environment.” (Chambers Europe, 2016)

"This team is outstanding in all respects, and will never let you down. The lawyers put in the effort and hours to get the best results for their clients." (Chambers Europe 2015)

"This team offers good solutions and the follow-up from the lawyers is perfect, as they really know the area of law." (Chambers Europe 2015)

"We appreciate their reliability, their innovative approach and their responsiveness, together with their proactive attitude." (Chambers Europe 2015)

"This team has a determination to provide high-quality client service." (Chambers Europe 2015)

"A serious, capable and fully committed practice." (Chambers Europe 2015)

"This firm has the capacity to assign large teams to each project, the response times are always very good, regardless of the complexity or urgency of the matter. The lawyers are trustworthy and handle all matters in a very professional way." (Chambers Europe 2015)

‘Top-quality firm’ Muşat & Asociaţii has a longstanding practice, acting for major national and multinational banks and companies. (Legal 500, 2015)

“All professionals involved were aiming at a common goal, thanks also to their precise and professional advice the complex transaction has been closed for the satisfaction of all parties involved.” - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2015

“Muşat (…) has been immensely helpful in understanding and assessing various risks in respect of the Romanian legal and regulatory environment relating to solar power projects.” - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2015

Muşat & Asociaţii’s ‘high-performance lawyers’ are routinely involved in large projects and have ‘exceptional’ public sector expertise. (Legal 500, 2015)

An ‘exceptionally professional firm’, Muşat & Asociaţii stands out for its expertise in energy sector M&A and finance. (Legal 500, 2015)

Muşat & Asociaţii fields ‘forward-thinking lawyers with tremendous resources’, regularly acts for state-owned companies, including during privatisations through M&A. (Legal 500, 2015)

Muşat & Asociaţii’s large dispute resolution team is involved in a wide range of litigation cases and has a growing alternative dispute resolution practice. (Legal 500, 2015)

"This firm has an extensive team of well-trained litigators who proficiently find solutions for every sensitive legal issue. You can always rely on the availability and competence of the team to handle complex cases." (Chambers Europe 2015)

Muşat & Asociaţii team is described as "disciplined, well organised and reliable." (Chambers Europe 2015)

"Muşat lawyers didn't stand on ceremony, but rolled their sleeves up and got the work done. Very solution-focused." (Chambers Europe 2015)

"This practice's strengths are its proactive approach and deep knowledge of the market." (Chambers Europe 2015)

"This team carries out work in a committed way, providing a good picture of the risks and barriers for each project. Very familiar with what foreign investors are looking for." (Chambers Europe 2015)

"The people here aren't like typical lawyers who will only tell you about risks - they have always a business-oriented approach."(...) "These lawyers turn their intimate knowledge into practical and easily comprehensible advice." (Chambers Europe 2015)

“We expect fast reactions and action from our advisers, and Muşat doesn't disappoint.” (Chambers Europe, 2014)

“The team understands the importance of providing timely, accurate and business-oriented legal advice.”( Chambers Europe, 2014)

“Excellent on all fronts”, Muşat & Asociaţii is highly rated and has a lengthy track record. (Legal 500, 2014)

Muşat & Asociaţii`s “highly competent, serious and reliable” lawyers provide “client-oriented advice and have extensive experience”. (Legal 500, 2014)

Muşat & Asociaţii provides “fast, concise and well-prepared” advice to a number of high-profile clients. (Legal 500, 2014)

“In our international banking practice ... for China Development Bank, I come across corporate lawyers in about three dozen mostly developing world countries a year. With a large data set of experiences to compare Muşat to, I am happy to state that they are among the two standout team I`ve had the pleasure of working with in the last year”. - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2014

“It was very competent and helpful in an extremely time sensitive and stressful situation”, one client says. - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2014

“The firm is well organized and can provide the client with great assistance and expertise, no matter which lawyer you are dealing with.” (Chambers Europe, 2013)

“I can really recommend this team. It is available and responsive.” (Chambers Europe, 2013)

“Muşat know their way around the local market - this is something you need in Romania.” “The firm has good connections; they know the right people to talk to.” (Chambers Europe, 2013)

“It is a serious law firm known by the reputation it has built”, one client says. “It started with the privatizations and then in came the big [international] law firms and it continuously developed in the market.” - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2013

“Muşat & Asociaţii is a Romanian brand, which has developed itself a formidable reputation on the market.” - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2012

“The team is very skilled in negotiations, knowing precisely what to say and how to get the best results. Without a doubt, these lawyers command the market with flair and natural intuition, and deliver top-notch legal services.” (Chambers Europe, 2012)

“They are a top law firm in Romania, having been involved in major transactions over the years, they have gained excellent commercial skills and our experience with them has always been flawless.” - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2012

“Working with Muşat & Asociaţii has constantly been very satisfying; they know our business very well, have great command of the legal matters and understand perfectly our requirements.” - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2012

“Proactive, business-oriented, giving good support. Due to its prompt, innovative and pragmatic advice, we always feel safe in its hands”, sources say. (Chambers & Partners, 2012)

“We have a long history of over ten years in working with Muşat & Asociaţii. We decided to choose them due to their high reputation as a full service law firm, with a strong portfolio of complex projects, and we have continued to collaborate since then as they have been true to their name.” - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2012

Muşat & Asociaţii is “very experienced” in high-profile transactions. (Legal 500, 2012)

“Muşat & Asociaţii is one of the best Romanian law firms we have had the chance to collaborate with. They possess an impressive knowledge of the legal sector, being very practical and dedicated. I've noticed their business awareness, being able to combine legal matters with business related issues.” - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2012

“We feel comfortable with Muşat's reliable support and capacity to solve legal issues in a smooth and clear manner.” (Chambers Europe, 2012)

“Muşat & Asociaţii exceeded our expectations every time we requested their advice. They are one of the few full service law firms in Romania, thus having the capability and knowledge to provide integrated legal advice.” - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2012

Muşat & Asociaţii has “a real understanding of client needs” and is “timely and responsive”. (Legal 500, 2012)

“The client approach is flawless, the responsiveness is prompt and accurate, and the expertise is very extensive, covering a full range of legal practices.” (Chambers & Partners, 2012)

“We rate our overall experience with the firm as excellent, as we have been working with them for more than ten years and they have been very professional every time we have requested their advice. They stand out for the full spectrum of legal services they are providing at the highest level- International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2012

“We value the firm's ability to understand the issues at hand, and its high-quality advice, which led to the successful resolution of our problems.” (Chambers Europe, 2012)

Muşat & Asociaţii’s team shows “deep technical knowledge” and is “permanently available for further discussions or clarifying matters”. (Legal 500, 2012)

“Muşat was very hard working. They were very knowledgeable, able and innovative. Even in deadlocks they called me personally and wanted to make sure we were clear on the deal.” - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2012

“We choose Muşat & Asociaţii because of its impeccable service. Prompt, innovative and practical, it always suggests several solutions to fit our business strategy.” (Chambers & Partners 2011)

The firm combines “quality advice” with “experience, knowledge, vision and responsiveness.” (Chambers & Partners, 2011)

Muşat & Asociaţii offers clients “tremendous expertise” and is praised for its “great professionalism” and “attention to detail”. (Legal 500, 2011)

Clients are impressed by the team of this “incredibly responsive” firm, noting that “it seems like someone is available 24 hours a day”. (Chambers & Partners, 2011)

“We worked with other law firms, but we felt that Muşat were the best”. - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2011

Its “innovative and practical advice” is a particular draw. We praise the team for “going out of its way to provide a truly excellent service.” ( Chambers & Partners 2011)

“They were innovative and commercially minded throughout”. - International Firm Law Review 1000 (IFLR 1000), 2011

“[…] profound legal knowledge and practical way of solving problems”. (Legal 500, 2011)

“[…] top-notch advice and impeccable drafting under the tightest time pressure”. (Chambers & Partners, 2011)

“This firm is unanimously recognised for the exceptional quality of its work.” (Chambers & Partners, 2010)

“We are always on the right track and well looked after. We are regularly updated and consulted on all questions.” (Chambers & Partners, 2010)

“The group is praised for its prompt and practical advice. It regularly works in conjunction with several other departments, an asset that is highly valued by interviewees”. (Chambers & Partners, 2010)

“This firm is involved in some of the biggest cases, which are often the first of their kind.”(Chambers & Partners 2009)

Clients applaud the lawyers “innovative preparation of the legal strategy,[…] the team taking time to consider all possible courses of action”. Also noted was the lawyers’ “timely and responsive style”, with interviewees noting that “they answer all enquiries promptly and concisely.” ( Legal 500, 2009)

“We have benefited from the team’s advice at every stage of the transaction and are very satisfied with the results.” (Chambers & Partners, 2009)

“Great work, delivered in a timely and professional way.” (Legal 500, 2009)

The firm is “professional, with a great team of lawyers displaying depth of knowledge”. (Legal 500, 2009)

Clients benefit from the clarity of advice provided and note the team’s impressive English language skills. (Chambers & Partners 2009)

The team is admired for its regional knowledge and personalised approach. (Chambers & Partners 2009)

Clients believe the firm to be “professional, with a great team of lawyers”. (Legal 500, 2009)

The “service they provide is excellent and we always feel confident that what we ask from them will be delivered.” (Legal 500, 2008)  
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