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Consumer protection authorities are on high alert: Companies under intense scrutiny on pricing issues 

As consumer demand for various products increases, fueled by the Coronavirus outbreak, so could prices. 

The National Authority for Consumer Protection stressed that they are closely monitoring the Romanian market and that they created special teams to prevent any actions that could breach the consumers’ rights or endanger the consumers’ health. 

The Authority urged the consumers to notify the competent authorities about all unfair and non-compliant business practices, and in particular about the issues they find in stores in relation to the pricing of various products, for the purposes of preventing the potential non-compliant commercial activities in the context of the current pandemic. 

Refunds for travel cancellations:

The National Authority for Consumer Protection issued a press release regarding the procedure available to consumers for claiming the refund of the amounts paid for trips to the “RED” and “YELLOW” pandemic zones which should start in the following 14 days. 

The Authority mentioned that, on receiving such request from a consumer, the traveling agencies have two options. They could either:

(a) try to recover the money from the local services providers or 

(b) offer a document acknowledging the consumer’s receivable, which could be used by the consumer for future travels after the end of the pandemic. 

The Authority also provided several recommendations regarding the relationship between consumers and the traveling agencies, stressing amongst others that there might be a delay in communication, taking into account the increased number of requests in the context of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus.

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