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As the new Coronavirus continues to threaten our lives, the nation-wide heavy restrictions continue to disrupt our livelihoods and businesses need to address the economic challenges they face: significant pressure on their workforce, business partners, supply chains, revenues. 

As part of the Romanian’s Government plan to aid heavily hit businesses during the economic near shutdown, companies will be able to request an Emergency Situation Certificate, which would allow them some fiscal flexibility in their dealings with public authorities, and to renegotiate certain contracts with business partners or finance and leasing institutions.  

Certificate for Situation of Emergency One Stop Shop

Our Team is Ready to Help You 

We provide a one stop shop for: (1) assessment, (2) filling, (3) tax advice and (4) tax assistance – tax controls, (5) business partner verification.

1. Does Your Company Fall Under the Legal Conditions to Request and Obtain a CSE?

Our team can help you with a brief legal assessment on whether your company falls under the legal conditions to request and obtain a CSE.

2. Electronic Filling 

Our team can assist you with filing to obtain the CSE. This is done exclusively by electronic means via the internet platform operated by Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment (MEEBA)https://csu.prevenire.gov.ro/. One condition for filling is that the legal representative (or an empowered person, as applicable) of the company must electronically sign the documentation when uploading it on the platform.

All Submitted Files that were not Electronically Signed Will be Revoked.

Need an extended electronic signature? Our lawyers can assist you with preparing the file, electronically signing the relevant documents and uploading them on MEEBA’s platform.

3. Tax Advice and Tax Assistance with Tax Controls

Our Tax Consultants and specialized team of lawyers in taxation can further assist you during a prospective tax audit to be performed by the tax authorities afterwards.

4. Business Partner Verification

Our team may also verify daily / twice a day the list of CSEs for possible clients/business partners. 

5. Fees

We can provide you with a tailor-made fee for this service. Please contact any member of our team below.  



Ana Maria Abrudan, Senior Associate

E: anamaria.abrudan@musat.ro

T: 0040 21 202 59 00

M: 0758 699 358 

Sirin Omer, Associate

E: sirin.omer@musat.ro

T: 0040 21 202 59 00 

M: 0756 990 971

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