Doing Business in Romania

11th edition 2016

“Doing Business in Romania”® provides a comprehensive view of the Romanian legal framework from the perspective of the business environment, representing a valuable and unique instrument for companies and investors eager to start doing business in Romania.

Available in English, “Doing Business in Romania”® includes a thorough analysis structured on areas of interest such as mergers & acquisitions, privatizations, banking, energy & natural resources, company law, competition, intellectual property, telecommunications & IT, labour law, fiscal law, capital markets, real estate law, environmental law, as well as in litigations & commercial arbitrations.

“Doing Business in Romania”® is a duly registered trademark belonging to Muşat & Asociaţii, conferring exclusive rights therein, including the right to prohibit by civil and criminal means any unauthorized third party from using this trademark in the course of trade in any manner which impinges on the rights of Muşat & Asociaţii as trademark proprietor.


11th edition 2016

01 Introduction

02 Forms of Doing Business

03 Investments

04 Privatization

05 Insolvency

06 Taxation

07 Accounting System

08 Banking System

09 Currency Regulations

10 Capital markets and Commodities Exchange

11 Labor and Social Security

12 Customs

13 Consumer Protection

14 Intellectual Property

15 Competition

16 Concessions

17 Insurance

18 Environmental Protection

19 Litigation and Arbitration

20 Leasing operations

21 Security Interests

22 Electronic Communications

23 Energy

24 Advertising

25 Pharmaceuticals

26 E-commerce

27 Bill of exchange, Promissory Note and Cheque

28 Property and Construction

29 Public Procurement

30 Data Protection

31 Natural Resources

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