Muşat & Asociatii strengthens its team of lawyers specializing in criminal law and criminal procedure by the joining of Bogdan Bărbat and Mădălin Enache as Managing Associates, both “criminal” lawyers with an extensive track record in this sector. They are joining an existing team of 10 lawyers specialized in criminal law and currently managing in excess of 500 cases at both the criminal prosecution stage and court stage, focusing mainly on economic, fiscal and banking crime and corruption offenses in respect to both individual liability for corporate crime and the criminal liability of legal entities.

“Alongside the increasing number of civil, tax and administrative litigation disputes, deriving from commercial relationships, we are witnessing an impressive growth in white collar crime cases. Anticipating this trend, over the past years Muşat & Asociaţii has developed a criminal law department, which currently manages a considerable number of criminal files and we estimate that this area of ​​practice will provide, in the medium and long term, an increased volume of work for law firms especially since, under the legislative provisions in force, criminal liability has been extended so as to cover business entities when there is a suspicion that such companies have undertaken illegal activities or have facilitated the perpetrating of certain criminal offences, especially in the economic-fiscal area. From this perspective, the joining of Bogdan and Mădălin as Managing Associates of our criminal law practice is welcomed and beneficial”, stated Gheorghe Muşat, Senior Partner of Muşat & Asociaţii.

Bogdan Bărbat has over 13 years worth of experience in the field of criminal law, having worked with Prof. Gheorghiţă Mateuţ in some of the highest-profile criminal files involving corporations such as Rompetrol SA, Credit Europe Bank, Banca Transilvania, Atalanta Corporation (international food importer), but also well-known Romanian business men, politicians and diplomats, among which Ovidiu Tender, George Copos or Dinu Patriciu. His area of expertise covers complex corruption, economic-fiscal crime, terrorism, undermining the national economy, treason and organized crime files, providing legal assistance and representation both during the criminal investigation proceedings, and throughout the criminal trial, as well as in matters referring to the criminal liability of legal entities.

Mădălin Enache , former partner in the criminal law department of “Şerban & Asociaţii, Attorneys at Law”, benefits from an extensive professional expertise as criminal lawyer, having acted in the last 6 years exclusively in “white collar crime” cases and files. Mădălin assisted and represented, in various criminal procedures, renowned corporations or business men, his clients consisting primarily of companies or their representatives, in IT, e-commerce, telecommunications, financial-banking, pharmaceutical, capital markets, real-estate, constructions, oil and gas industry, energy, public utilities, services, etc. Mădălin was directly involved in criminal files referring to white-collar crime, infringements of sector-specific laws, IT crime or corruption cases, appearing before all criminal prosecution authorities (Police and/or Prosecutor’s Office, including the Romanian National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) and the Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT)) or courts of law.

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